Here you can find texts about Thai amulet art. I aim to put in place a system of classification for enhanced appreciation of this unique way of aesthetic representation as well as to propose an additional art period that marks the advent of the 5 amulet set, Benjapakee.
This, one can argue slips way beyond claims of unessentialism that some of my papers make. If so, one misses the point: unessentialism points towards breaking the bonds of repetition in instilling difference as an expression of serendipity, as that what renders unique and original. Classifying amulets is to acknowledge difference yet it is only a surface game: since classification consists in the exercise of mapping amulet contours in fine manner, there comes a point when differentiation is no longer possible because hazy and confusing.
A word of caution pertaining to sources: those provided do not necessarily cover the spectrum of my online research endeavours (I have not tackled books yet), since such sources are likely to move or get deleted defeating any sound refrencing system. The aim of this page is educational and scientific and I take it that all sources made available on the internet are public domain unless otherwise specified by copyright restrictions.
Despite the possible flaws and disagreements, which I would welcome to hear of via[at] to make improvements, I hope this page and its contents will bring you closer to a cultural heritage that has been astonishing in creativitiy and a constant reality of today's Thailand.




This is a non-exhaustive list of links to amulet-related websites, yet what I think useful to gain further knowledge of Thai amulets or to acquire (rent) some.

NAIBORAN to gain knowledge on LAMPHOON AMULETS (e.g. Phra Rod)


This is a non-exhaustive list of links to rent (as the proper term goes, i.e. purchase) amulets via exporters from Thailand
BILLIONMORE - a comprehensive range of amulets with casing services and kathas in English and MP3 (prety rare and cool)