"Is it wealth? … indeed it is; but not of nations, rather of persons … an epistemic thirst for knowledge".

My research projects have included

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Here are some of the doctoral theses that I have had the pleasure in examining or supervising in recent years

  • Samra Kiran (Ms): Analysis of Factors Affecting Pakistan's National Competitive Advantage in Trade with India: Evidence from 2005 to 2015 (Abdul Wali Khan University, 2018)
  • Belevgenia Evgenia (Ms): Development through Privatization: Privatization of the Russian Railways and its effects (AGSB, 2008)*
  • Dimitris Zissopoulos: Eupsychian Management Implementation, University-Corporation link to Facilitate European Economic Chamber Employment Strategy (ECMU-2007)*
  • Mahvish Parveen (Ms): Social Networking and Entrepreneurial Opportunities: The Case of Women Entrepreneurs in Peshawara, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan (Qurtuba University, 2018)
  • Avra Lyrakis (Ms): Application of Strategic Corporate Communication Processes to Internal and External Problems associated with Mergers and Acquisitions in the Greek Banking Environment (ECMU-2007)*
  • Violeta Corobceanu-Mavromatidis (Ms): New Technologies in European Business Development Strategy (ECMU-2007)*
Banking & Finance
  • Ihtesham Khan: Assessing Institiutional and Economic Factors as Determinants of Non-Perfortming Loans: Evidence from Pakistani Banks (Qurtuba University, 2018)
  • Ahmad Iftikhar: Financial Risk Management: Impact on Financial Institutions in Pakistan (Qurtuba University, 2017)
Marketing & Consumer Behavior
  • Syed Shah: Impact of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction on Firms' Competitive Advantage: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan's Hotel Industry (Abdul Wali Khan University, 2018)
Hospitality Management
  • Mirzra Abbas: The Dilemma of Business Resilience and CRM Effectiveness in Tourism Industry of Pakistan (SZABIST, 2017)
Human Resource Management
  • Mubbashar Hassan: Personality and Psychological Contratcs: Mediating Roles of Epistemic Curiosity and Rule-following Behavior besides the Moderating Role of Uncertaintly Avoidance (Capital University, 2018)
  • Qasim Monsoor Jalali: Human Capital Flight from Pakistan: Causes, Consequences and Suggested Measures (Qurtuba University, 2017)
  • Muhammad Ishrad: Factors Affecting Talent Management In Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa And Suggesting Organizational Response (Abasyn University, 2017)
Behavioral Studies
  • Muhammad Tufail: Impact of Hindrance and Challenge Stressors on Job Performance and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour: the Moderating Role of Islamic Work Ethics and Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction (Riphah International Univerity, 2018)
  • anonymous: Factors Affecting Behavioural Intentions Towards Mobile Learning: the Mediating Role of Attitude and the Moderating Role of Social Influence (SZABIST, 2018)
  • Sajjad Hussein:  Moderating role of supervisor’s Organizational Embodiment on Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) and Employee’s attitudinal & behavioral outcomes relationships through organizational identification: A test of moderated-mediation model using Social Identity Theory  (Riphah International Univerity, 2018)
  • Aamir Ishaque: Impact of Internla Marketing on Employee Behaviors: Mediating Role of Employee Attitudes and Moderating Role of Big Five Personality Traits (Riphah International Univerity, 2016)
  • Junaid Khan: Perceived Organisational Justice on Organisational Comitment: Evidence from KPK Universities (Abdul Wali Khan University, 2018)
  • Ahmad Ullah Shah: Organizational Justice a new Theoretical Perspective:  A study from Private Higher Educational Institutions of Pakistan (Capital University, 2017)
  • Maria Panta: Quality Assurance for Higher Education In Greece Through Cognitive and Administrative Structures (ECMU-2008)*